Welcome onboard for an experience as in 1861.

Entering Hjejlen, the Queen of the company, you step into a vivid history.

Feel the heat from the original engine from 1861 when the stoker and the engineer keep the steam up. Hear the hooting from the horn and smell the mix of coal, fresh air, summer and nature.  Lean back and enjoy the view, when Hjejlen passes through the beautiful Lakeland exactly as it has done for 155 years.

Besides Hjejlen the company has seven other boats. Every vessel in the Hjejle fleet has it’s own history. Common to them all is, that the crew are proud to welcome the guests onboard and give them fantastic experiences in the beautiful Lakelands, no matter if it is on a ”hop on hop of tour” or on a nonstop cruise during the day or in the evening. You can enjoy your picnic onboard, while drinks must be purchased on the boat.

Welcome onboard!

Hjejlen med flere